Mystical 7 Ball

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Mystical 7 Ball is an ask-shake-answer app whose answers are somewhat less than helpful. Behold the wisdom of the Mystical 7 Ball:

Q: Mystical 7 Ball, should I go to Billys party? It sounds like fun...
A: You almost dropped me!

Q: Mystical 7 Ball, is Larry really my friend?
A: Its all about the money.

Q: Mystical 7 Ball, will I ever be married?
A: Ask Dr. Phil.

(Actual answerers from an actual Mystical 7 Ball.)

Mysical 7 Ball comes with 5 answer packs:

Grab Bag
Tech, Scifi

Choose which one you like the best and impress your friends with the wit and sagacity of Mystical 7 Ball.